Flex PE142150 Polishflex Rotary Polisher 150mm 240v Kit

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Flex PE142150 Polishflex Rotary Polisher 150mm 240v Kit with Carry Case

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The Flex POLISHFLEX is a variable-speed polisher with a high torque. It has a powerful 1,400 watt motor with highly-efficient ventilator for optimum cooling, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Its VR electronic control allows step-less speed selection, constant speed control by means of tachogenerator, overload protection and temperature monitoring. The continuous speed control trigger allows the speed to be locked on for continuous operation. The innovative combination of planetary and angular gears reduces noise to an absolute minimum. The flat gear head reduces distance to the surface meaning that the machine can therefore be operated safely in any position.

With a grip hood that is ergonomically shaped and soft grip handles, this machine can be controlled with precision and is always comfortable yet secure to hold. The polisher has a rubberised resting bar for safe setting down, and its 4 metre PUR H05-BQF cable is wear-resistant, flexible and highly resistant to cuts and abrasions.

The spindle lock is ideally positioned to prevent operating error and does not interfere with the grip area.


Input Power: 1,400W
Oscillating Speed: 380-2,100/min.
Max. Back-Up Pad Diameter: 150mm
Max. Polishing Pad Diameter: 200mm
Tool Fixture: M14
Weight: 2.3kg

The Flex Power Tools PE 142150 Polisher Kit is supplied with:

1 x Handle
1 x 150mm Hook & Loop Backing Pad
1 x Polishing Sponge
1 x Lambswool
1 x Microfibre Cloth
1 x Fine Polishing Compound
1 x Polishing Compound
2 x Case Inserts
1 x Plastic Carrying Case

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